Trust and Infidelity

Relationship Advice – How Do I Know S/He Is The Right One?

This video is dedicated to all the single people in my community (or not! I’m hoping you’ll share *hint hint*) Lol.

Quite often, I get questions from very amazing men and women wondering how they’d know if they’ve died and gone to heaven – and met the “right” one.

I decided to share in this video the one […]

Marriage Advice – How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship


As far as the eyes could see!

“How can i survive it ZeeZee? As i’m steady loosing my mind each passing day I find myself living in what seems like the loneliest existence any one could possibly live in. I am married, yet i don’t see my husband/wife and can’t even tell what they are up […]

Relationship Advice – How To Be Happy In Your Relationship!

What does true happiness mean?

Is happiness something that can be achieved?

When will i ever be happy?

This week my numero uno – Ladi – shares how you can experience true happiness in your life and relationship. There’s a shift in mindset that has to happen of course, but there’s one major thing you need to do to […]

Marriage Advice – ‘Wear’ Is Your Wedding Ring?

Even the smallest squabbles get blown out of proportion when you are in conflict with your spouse.

I like to call these little issues, distractions!

Yes! Because all they do is distract you from tackling the main issues that exist between you and your spouse and gives you an excuse to not handle them.

In this week’s video, i […]

Relationship Advice – 5 Lies Singles Shouldn’t Believe About Relationships

Something for the single folks this week!

Many times i get questions or hear comments (in passing) from single people regarding what they think constitutes a healthy relationship.

I have to admit that while some understand what one should look like, most might need some help identifying which actions bring them closer to a fulfilled relationship and which […]

Marriage Advice – One Way To A Great Sex Life

Sex is such a SORE topic for a ton of couples and it really doesn’t have to be so.

“I’m not getting enough!”

“I’m not getting any!”

“I’m getting some but definitely not as much as i’d like!”

“My partner should never say no to me, right?”

and it goes on and on.

Most times when couples fight about sex, there […]

Marriage Advice – Emotional Abuse

Those feelings hit us hard sometimes “something’s just not right with this situation”. You wonder why your spouse has become so cold and unattached all of a sudden, you don’t think s/he’s cheating, but in a weird sinister way, you feel they want to stifle you.

You are no longer the vibrant person you used to be […]

Marriage Advice – I’m Having An Emotional Affair?

A few weeks ago, social media was buzzing with the news of a high profile couple dealing with the issue of infidelity which rocked their marriage, hard. You know what comes next when humans get a hold of news that someone else is struggling, it’s “point fingers” time. SMH!

I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked to […]

The 5 Biggest Myths About Happy Marriages

Are the promises you heard about marriage as a young adult true? Ever wondered why your current experience in your relationship is not very close to the cloud nine fairy tale that you believed it should be? Why do you have this overwhelming feeling that if you were given the full picture of a relationship, […]

Marriage Advice – How To Get Over An Affair

There is nothing more heart breaking than one getting wind of their spouse’s infidelity. It literally brings everything to a halt! Trust is a major part of any relationship and once it is eroded, it becomes extremely difficult to live a fully gratifying life with your spouse with this ‘situation’ lurking in the background. So, now that you […]

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