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Marriage Advice – Do These Two Things To Revive Your Sex Life!

Married for a few years and not so sure what the heck happened to your amazing sex life?

Married for a lot of years and pretty much given up on trying to have a fulfilling sex life?

Watch today’s video, as it gives you and your spouse two things to do that will surely help revive things. I […]

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Marriage Advice – Help! I Have A Meddling Sister-in-law

Most couples do have them!

The “other” woman in the life of our spouse that always seems to lurk in the background (or boldly enter the foreground) trying to manipulate her way into first place in your marriage.

Since there isn’t ANYTHING that can be done (you can’t pick which siblings come with your spouse), how can […]

Relationship Advice – How Do I Know S/He Is The Right One?

This video is dedicated to all the single people in my community (or not! I’m hoping you’ll share *hint hint*) Lol.

Quite often, I get questions from very amazing men and women wondering how they’d know if they’ve died and gone to heaven – and met the “right” one.

I decided to share in this video the one […]

Marriage Advice – Finances: Joint Bank Account Or Not?

This is a topic that a majority of couples I come across are in constant contention about.

Money is one of the reasons cited for many divorces and issues like how to “store” the money and “spend” the money are all a part of this bigger problem.

In this video, I give my take on this age […]

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Marriage Advice – Three Things Sex Is Not!

In this video, i share a few things that cause the many issues couples face in their lives…particularly, their sex lives. If the intent of sex is overlooked and instead used as a way to manipulate your spouse, fix a fight or insist on your own way, then the whole point has been missed and your experience […]

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Marriage Advice – How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship


As far as the eyes could see!

“How can i survive it ZeeZee? As i’m steady loosing my mind each passing day I find myself living in what seems like the loneliest existence any one could possibly live in. I am married, yet i don’t see my husband/wife and can’t even tell what they are up […]

Relationship Advice – How To Be Happy In Your Relationship!

What does true happiness mean?

Is happiness something that can be achieved?

When will i ever be happy?

This week my numero uno – Ladi – shares how you can experience true happiness in your life and relationship. There’s a shift in mindset that has to happen of course, but there’s one major thing you need to do to […]

Validation: Sucks…The Life Out Of You!

Been a bit under the weather recently, and decide to talk about an area of life that we most certainly fail to address or cover up as something else…the ever increasing need to show off to others in a bid to feel better about ourselves.

A humongous trap! Made easy by technology and social networking – […]

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Marriage Advice – ‘Wear’ Is Your Wedding Ring?

Even the smallest squabbles get blown out of proportion when you are in conflict with your spouse.

I like to call these little issues, distractions!

Yes! Because all they do is distract you from tackling the main issues that exist between you and your spouse and gives you an excuse to not handle them.

In this week’s video, i […]

Marriage Advice – HELP!!! Social Media Is Killing My Marriage!

Social Media! Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay! (well so it seems)

Connections made in the comfort of ‘wherever’ and totally addictive that it could take over your entire life…real life that is!

I got an S.O.S ‘message in a bottle’ 😀 from a very concerned husband about his wife’s new foray into this vortex called […]

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