Monthly Archives: March 2016

Marriage Advice – Help! I Have A Meddling Sister-in-law

Most couples do have them!

The “other” woman in the life of our spouse that always seems to lurk in the background (or boldly enter the foreground) trying to manipulate her way into first place in your marriage.

Since there isn’t ANYTHING that can be done (you can’t pick which siblings come with your spouse), how can […]

Relationship Advice – How Do I Know S/He Is The Right One?

This video is dedicated to all the single people in my community (or not! I’m hoping you’ll share *hint hint*) Lol.

Quite often, IĀ get questions from very amazing men and women wondering how they’d know if they’ve died and gone to heaven – and met the “right” one.

I decided to share in this video the one […]