In this video, I talk about two effective ways to help intimacy in your marriage “blow up”!

Intimacy is a big part of a healthy relationship. A relationship without intimacy is like a luxury car with no gas – it doesn’t matter how nice it looks or how expensive it is, it just won’t move without getting some fuel. See intimacy as the fuel for a relationship to run.

Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex…no, it doesn’t. I love how Webster’s dictionary defines it – “having a very close relationship : very warm and friendly”.

Having “a very close relationship” with someone! For you to get to this state of friendship, certain things have to be in place. Living life status quo just won’t cut it. It will take intentional and deliberate involvement of both parties involved in the relationship.

So what are these two tips to getting closer to your spouse? You just have to watch the video. But if you ABSOLUTELY need to see it in print, check out the article here:

Here’s to a renewed relationship with your special someone!





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