A few weeks ago, social media was buzzing with the news of a high profile couple dealing with the issue of infidelity which rocked their marriage, hard. You know what comes next when humans get a hold of news that someone else is struggling, it’s “point fingers” time. SMH!

I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked to my insides to see how very unashamedly people bashed the couple. There were two camps, most people happy that the woman had received some sort of ‘payback’ for being emotionally unavailable, and then, the camp that insisted the life of the man should be snatched from him, instantly. Most of these folks…christians! Hmmm.

What joy do you derive from “calling out” others? Why does it make you feel great that someone is suffering? You keep acting like you have a perfect life. The hard news is…No one does.

But i digress. I wanted to bring to the limelight something a bunch of people never know they are guilty of doing. Just because things are not hot and heavy between you and that man/woman you look forward to talking to every day (you like their smile, the attention they give you, the way your heart jumps when you talk to them – all unbeknownst to your spouse), you are just as guilty as someone who takes things past third base.

If there is someone other than your spouse who brings light and love into your world (regardless of the fact that you haven’t gotten in between the sheets with them) I’d like to bring to your attention that you are having an affair. Yes! An emotional one.

An affair is when you allow someone other than your spouse meet your physical or emotional needs. It is a NORMAL feeling to want these needs met, the only issue is when you are seeking this attention from someone who isn’t your spouse. I can’t begin to tell you how disastrous an emotional affair could be to your marriage, but most importantly, it erodes trust. Whether physical or emotional, once trust is gone, it becomes extremely hard to rebuild, and without the right help, your marriage stands the risk of imploding.

So what do you do when you want to go off and talk to someone who you stand the chance of falling for (except it’s a professional coach/counsellor of course), about things that are bothering you about your marriage? You don’t! You let your spouse know that there are things you’d like to speak to them about and find a way to talk through your issues. If the problems are too deep, please get help!

There is help right here for you or anyone who needs it.

Now, i’d love to hear from you; Do you know anyone who might be in an emotional affair and might not know how to get away from it? Then share this video with them. The insights here could be the difference between their marriage making it or not. 

Don’t forget, you can ask a question, or comment below if this information has helped in anyway. I know it’s a tough one to talk about, but your insight might just be what changes a person’s life. You won’t find any judgment here!

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