Ever wonder why your spouse seems to not be moved each time you tell them “sorry” after one of those earth-shattering arguments? They clam up even more and give you that half-hearted “It’s ok!” grunt, making you feel even smaller for bothering to even say a word.

In this video, i explain why saying ‘sorry’ is never the first thing to say to your spouse when apologizing to them.

“What? Are you cuckoo ZeeZee?” (Actually, on most days i am but try to keep sane on new blog post days :D)

“What am I supposed to say to them then?”

Well, it’s all in this week’s video. I tell you the three important things to do when apologizing to your spouse and it surely proves itself an effective method in helping your apology “stick”.

Here’s to your refreshed relationship!





About ZeeZee

ZeeZee is a certified Relationship and Marriage Coach who believes her purpose in life is to equip couples with the right tools for a successful relationship. Through her website and YouTube channel she shares practical tips and principles that help couples understand the inner workings of a healthy marriage.