So we are both part of that early nineties generation of Nigerians who grew up in Lagos, moved abroad, got tired of living abroad, moved back home and decided the best middle ground was to have one leg in two continents (for us it’s Africa and the Americas, for others it’s Africa and Europe).

We met through a mutual friend (you know who you are, remember Mumbo Jumbo?), got married and ten years later are now a household of five (an exceptional girl and two sprightly boys).

In all this time, we’ve learned how to work towards a great marriage and love sharing our insights with anyone willing to listen! We’ve helped couples work their way through the sticky issues that inadvertently sap the life out of their relationship. Issues arising from cultural differences, ineffective communication, conflict, sex, finance, lack of forgiveness, infidelity, domestic violence and differing religious beliefs are only a few of the many ones we’ve helped couples through. It has been an amazing journey!