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Relationship Advice – How To Decide When To Have Kids

Are you newly married or recently engaged and absolutely disagree with your spouse’s opinion on what a good “baby-producing” timeline should look like? Or perhaps you have talked the issue into the ground but you just don’t seem to be making any headway?

This was the case of a young lady who approached me with the question […]

The Surprising Reason Your Spouse Isn’t Talking To You

Do you know couples that communicated well when they were dating but all of a sudden stop talking a few years into the marriage? Have you ever wondered what leads to these communication problems? One of the key reasons might surprise you.

At the beginning of most relationships, any problems a couple face are typically outside […]

A Smart Way To Ensure You Are Valued In Your Relationship

Ever wondered if your spouse values your existence in their world?

A common problem I notice with couples that I coach is that one partner feels like they don’t matter in the relationship. They feel like they are not adding any significant value. Is this you? If it is then I hope this post will help.

Success always has […]

The One Key Ingredient Discovered In Awesome Marriages

I often get asked what I think it takes to help a marriage succeed, especially in this day and age where everything is so fickle and the selfish approach of “how to take care of me, myself and I” has become the norm! This destructive attitude of self-centeredness has crept its way into many marriages […]

The Four Things Marriage Is Not And The One Thing It Is

Do you really know what you are getting yourself into now that you have decided to get married? Does it feel like the next logical step in your life? Are you succumbing to parental or societal pressure (‘So and so is getting married and I should too’ OR ‘I am X age and should already […]

This Simple Rule Guarantees That The Five Love Languages Will Work For Your Relationship

Have you told your spouse how you really want them to love you? Or are you still leaving them guessing, believing that since they claim to love you, they should be able to figure it out on their own? Do you feel like this unknowing is leading to an unfulfilled relationship? If this is your […]

5 Easy Ways To Engage A Marriage Coach

Fixing your relationship by working with a marriage coach is actually more effective than most people think. All you need to do is keep these 5 key points in mind.

If you have ever read or listened to any of my messages, you will notice that I am constantly encouraging you to seek help for your […]

Reasons Why You Need Marriage Coaching

One thing I always ask is; for the people I come across to listen with an open mind, because frankly, the reason why I get excuses hauled at me is mainly because people are operating from a very rigid and inflexible standpoint!

Now, I have seen and heard it all when it comes to the reasons why […]

5 Reasons To Trust The Love Languages System

Is talking about your love language with your spouse effective? Will it actually get you more love? Will it really make it easier to love your spouse? Does it take away from the spontaneity of love?

The 5 love languages is a system developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, a renowned clinical psychologist who has done extensive research on marriage […]

Tips To Get Your Loved One To Marriage Coaching

Most people (and when i say people, i mean… men :D) NEVER want to admit that they have relationship problems. This also means they NEVER want to seek external help. Have you ever wondered how to get your fiancé or spouse to go for counseling? Here are a few tips!

So my husband and I are part of a […]