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Marriage Advice – I’m Having An Emotional Affair?

A few weeks ago, social media was buzzing with the news of a high profile couple dealing with the issue of infidelity which rocked their marriage, hard. You know what comes next when humans get a hold of news that someone else is struggling, it’s “point fingers” time. SMH!

I couldn’t believe it! I was shocked to […]

Relationship Advice – How To Decide When To Have Kids

Are you newly married or recently engaged and absolutely disagree with your spouse’s opinion on what a good “baby-producing” timeline should look like? Or perhaps you have talked the issue into the ground but you just don’t seem to be making any headway?

This was the case of a young lady who approached me with the question […]

Marriage Advice – How To Manage Your Overbearing Family

So you got married and just couldn’t anticipate the stress having family members could potentially have on your marriage. When the close relationship you have with your family causes conflict between you and your significant other, you figure “Hey, you already knew about my family dynamics before you married me, so why are you complaining […]

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The 5 Biggest Myths About Happy Marriages

Are the promises you heard about marriage as a young adult true? Ever wondered why your current experience in your relationship is not very close to the cloud nine fairy tale that you believed it should be? Why do you have this overwhelming feeling that if you were given the full picture of a relationship, […]

Marriage Advice – How To Get Over An Affair

There is nothing more heart breaking than one getting wind of their spouse’s infidelity. It literally brings everything to a halt! Trust is a major part of any relationship and once it is eroded, it becomes extremely difficult to live a fully gratifying life with your spouse with this ‘situation’ lurking in the background. So, now that you […]

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The Surprising Reason Your Spouse Isn’t Talking To You

Do you know couples that communicated well when they were dating but all of a sudden stop talking a few years into the marriage? Have you ever wondered what leads to these communication problems? One of the key reasons might surprise you.

At the beginning of most relationships, any problems a couple face are typically outside […]

How Smart Couples Manage Friends Of The Opposite Sex

Are you married but still have friends of the opposite sex? Experiences of a married majority suggest that you shouldn’t! And I’ll tell you why.

First let me clarify, I do not mean you should ‘throw away’ ALL your friends of the opposite sex. For example, if you are a woman and you have a male […]

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How To Create Quality Time For Your Relationship

Do you spend enough quality time as a couple or are there distractions, such as your careers, that prevent this? Or is it your kids? Outsiders? How do you minimize these distractions? I have a few ideas I’d like to share.

Quality time with our spouse is needed to meet some of the most important emotional […]

A Smart Way To Ensure You Are Valued In Your Relationship

Ever wondered if your spouse values your existence in their world?

A common problem I notice with couples that I coach is that one partner feels like they don’t matter in the relationship. They feel like they are not adding any significant value. Is this you? If it is then I hope this post will help.

Success always has […]

How To Get Your Man To Talk More

Are you wondering why your spouse does not talk to you as much as he did when you were dating? How do you fix this? What happens if you can’t? Can it end your marriage?

I’d first like to mention the fact that this is a common problem. Women particularly tend to have this problem with […]

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