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Relationship Advice – 5 Lies Singles Shouldn’t Believe About Relationships

Something for the single folks this week!

Many times i get questions or hear comments (in passing) from single people regarding what they think constitutes a healthy relationship.

I have to admit that while some understand what one¬†should look like, most might need some help identifying which actions bring them closer to a fulfilled relationship and which […]

Marriage Advice – Two Ways To ‘Rev Up’ Intimacy With Your Spouse

In this video, I talk about two effective ways to help intimacy in your marriage “blow up”!

Intimacy is a big part of a healthy relationship. A relationship without intimacy is like a luxury car with no gas – it doesn’t matter how nice it looks or how expensive it is, it just won’t move without […]

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Marriage Advice – How To Apologize To Your Spouse

Ever wonder why your spouse seems to not be moved each time you tell them “sorry” after one of those earth-shattering arguments? They clam up even more and give you that half-hearted “It’s ok!” grunt, making you feel even smaller for¬†bothering to even say a word.

In this video, i explain why saying ‘sorry’ is never […]

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Marriage Advice – One Way To A Great Sex Life

Sex is such a SORE topic for a ton of couples and it really doesn’t have to be so.

“I’m not getting enough!”

“I’m not getting any!”

“I’m getting some but definitely not as much as i’d like!”

“My partner should never say no to me, right?”

and it goes on and on.

Most times when couples fight about sex, there […]