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Finances – How To Ensure Money Doesn’t Hurt Your Marriage

Money! Money!! Money!!!

One thing i’ve learned over the years is that the lack or the abundance of money can indeed cause major friction in a marriage. What has been cited as the leading cause of divorce? What is the main stressor of most relationships? What do couples tend to argue about more?

You guessed it!

So does […]

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Marriage Advice – Emotional Abuse

Those feelings hit us hard sometimes “something’s just not right with this situation”. You wonder why your spouse has become so cold and unattached all of a sudden, you don’t think s/he’s cheating, but in a weird sinister way, you feel they want to stifle you.

You are no longer the vibrant person you used to be […]

Marriage Advice – How To Handle A Meddling Mother-In-Law

There’s no escaping it! In-law drama is real.

Even if you prayed before you got married for your spouse-to-be’s parents to already “be with the Lord” – absolutely no judgment here :), you will find that there is some relative of your spouse somewhere who steps in to create this much-dreaded drama.

Today, we are talking about mothers-in-law. “The […]

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3 Ways To Keep Sane In A Toxic Marriage

Watch this video to learn the ways you can avoid a physical or mental breakdown while you wait for your spouse to come around to the idea of getting help for your ailing relationship. Toxicity in relationships arise from couples applying the wrong techniques to their marriages over and over, now forcing them to believe that “nothing can fix […]

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